Meeting the need

The Vision for Hartley is in response to the recognised need for more new houses to across Sevenoaks District. The council has been tasked by the Government with boosting the supply of housing as part of the national planning policy.

As a result Sevenoaks District Council is working on a new Local Plan that should seek to build up to 13,960 new homes between 2015-2035 – a figure set by the Government.

Whilst, of course, not all of this housing is to be directed to Hartley, it is inevitable that some further growth is to be expected locally.  

As part of this process, Sevenoaks District Council has put out a 'call for sites', which looks at land that could be suitable for community-led expansion and which would ensure growth is sensitively managed to the benefit of both existing and new residents.

The sites proposed as part of the Vision for Hartley would see a mix of up to 700 new homes, 40% of which would be affordable including provision for starter homes and self-build plots.


Market and Affordable Housing


Specialist retirement living