About us

The family-owned Billings Group has been investing in property, farming and the community for more than 85 years, most of it in Kent and the South of England.


Track record

Having built the last significant expansion of Hartley back in the 1970s, the Billings family has a proud reputation for high quality and well planned community developments, including Corinthians Sports Club, which has helped shape the parish into the community it is today.  

Billings Group developed the unique not for profit elderly housing solution at Bramblefields Close. This has provided an immeasurable benefit to a large number of elderly people in the area and currently has a waiting list of more then 2,000 people.

A Vision for Hartley will deliver genuine community benefits, including improvements to local infrastructure.


Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities

The mission of Leigh Academies Trust is Shaping Lives, Transforming Communities. Based in Strood, Medway, Leigh Academies Trust is a non-profit making charitable company limited by guarantee.

The Trust exists to support and assist schools to build upon their existing strengths and to help them achieve rapid educational transformation. It has significant experience in running schools, and today includes both sponsored academies and schools which have chosen to convert to Academy status.

The Trust was formed in 2008 with the linking of the Leigh Technology Academy and Longfield Academy under one governing body. It encompasses 12,000 students between the ages of 2 and 19 in seventeen primary, secondary and special academies.


Jubilee Medical Group

Jubilee Medical Group is located at two sites:

Both surgeries offer a full and comprehensive range of medical care.

In its mission statement it recognises the value of every person, respects their individuality and is guided by its commitment to provide excellent medical care, showing compassion and kindness, respect and dignity. It is committed to a high quality of care and will seek the best possible outcome for patients.


A vision shared

Working in partnership with Leigh Academies Trust, Jubilee Medical Group and Corinthians Sports Club, the plans include the provision of a replacement primary school and Special Educational Needs school, which would include a state of the art sports hub as well as a new GP Surgery.


Much more than simply building new houses

Our plans include a high quality country park, opening up land for greater public access, plus improved local primary healthcare in the form of a new health centre and community allotments.

It also includes new employment opportunities and space for local businesses to flourish. Additionally there is scope to provide a Castle Hill relief road to ease local difficult traffic conditions.



Through the land ownership of the Billings Group, and by working together with Leigh Academies Trust, Jubilee Medical Group and Corinthians Sports Club, it is now possible to deliver the Vision for Hartley, just as the Billings family did a generation ago to make it the place it is now.


Share our vision

These are all issues identified locally by the communities of Hartley and Fawkham as being important to them, and together we can solve them.